2020-6-13: BITERS!

Haven’t really fished in a while – a combination of work, home repair coordination, and fear of perpetuating COVID-19 have left me enjoying…I mean, cursing…the hermit life. However, my friend chartered a boat to catch some fresh air and some fish. So off we went, fishing rods, masks, and bait, in search of elusive Yellowtail and we found them! It was great to get out and battle with these fish. By the time the battle was over, our group of 15 ended the day with close to 40 yellows and quite a few Calico Bass. I caught my first yellow last year but I caught my biggest on this trip. What a day!

My smallest of the day but still quite powerful
Looks like we’ll be having hamachi for dinner tonight, and every night, for the rest of the month!

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