2020-6-13: BITERS!

Haven’t really fished in a while – a combination of work, home repair coordination, and fear of perpetuating COVID-19 have left me enjoying…I mean, cursing…the hermit life. However, my friend chartered a boat to catch some fresh air and some fish. So off we went, fishing rods, masks, and bait, in search of elusive Yellowtail and we found them! It was great to get out and battle with these fish. By the time the battle was over, our group of 15 ended the day with close to 40 yellows and quite a few Calico Bass. I caught my first yellow last year but I caught my biggest on this trip. What a day!

My smallest of the day but still quite powerful
Looks like we’ll be having hamachi for dinner tonight, and every night, for the rest of the month!

2019-10-28: Yellowfin Tuna!


I caught my first ever yellowfin tuna in San Diego in late October 2019.  28lbs of fish beat me up for 9 minutes but it was great fight! Check out the video of the battle here:

This was such a great experience (as you can probably tell from my excitement at the end). I had some great tips going into this trip from a friend on how to maximize my chances and I’m happy it worked out. I can’t wait for the next one!

Equipment used:

Daiwa Saltiga 15L on a Phenix PSW 808MH with 65lb braid and 20lb flouro leader.

2019-6-11: Yellow fever!

Early June 2019, aboard the Pursuit out of 22nd Street Landing. This was the toughest fight I’ve had while fishing – not just because of the strong fish but because I had to maneuver my way past 50 other anglers on the boat. Landing this fish felt awesome. The crew on board was super helpful and made the experience even better. I highly recommend the Pursuit for yellows for anyone in the area.

Equipment used:

Shimano Tranx 301HL on a Phenix PSW 808MH with 50lb braid and 20lb flouro leader

All fishermen are born right-handed…only the great can overcome it!

It all started in elementary school.  I would get home and wonder why my writing was slanted to the left when everyone else’s was slanted to the right.  I wondered why notebooks had spirals on the left and not the right, and why I ended up with a lower palm full of graphite at the end of art class when everyone else’s hands were clean.  I dealt with it and got through…barely.

As I grew older and began my fishing hobby, I realized that the nightmare of my early years would continue into adulthood.  I learned long ago that ‘you get what you pay for’ and that, in terms of fishing equipment, buying quality gear at a premium price saves money, and heartache, in the long run.  So I looked for awesome saltwater fishing gear, and found many high quality reels.  I switch from freshwater to saltwater fishing gear quite often but try not to mix the two.  However, while freshwater baitcasting reel manufacturers have caught on and been lefty friendly in many instances, the production of an equal number of options for saltwater baitcasting and conventional reel options has not emerged.  So I’m limited, and frustrated.

This site is for the lefty angler that feels my pain.  Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed – celebrate your lefty-ness as an angler!

There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot. – Steven Wright