My Lefty 4Runner

I drove my old Xterra for 17 years before making the leap into Toyota 4 runner territory. In 2018 I went looking for a TRD PRO and couldn’t find one. So I found a TRD Off Road and decided to upgrade some of the parts to those found on a TRD PRO.

TRD cold air intake system
TRD rims
Bilstein suspension upgrade with corn fed spacer leveling kit (1.5”)
TRD PRO front valance blackout
TRD PRO rear valance blackout
TRD PRO front grille upgrade with marker lights

I was happy with the look of the vehicle, it ran awesome, and I had planned to keep it for a long time. Then in June 2020 I drove my 4 runner with all the mods to the dealer for service and came back with a TRD PRO 😂.

First picture of my 2020 PRO

I have admit that it was tough to let go of my 2018 4 runner, mostly because it was running, and sounding, well. But the subtle differences of the PRO (and the nice trade in amount for my modified 2018) made the transaction too tough to resist. I’ll leave the PRO stock for a while, with some minor changes here and there (I installed the marker lights). I was tempted to add the cold air intake which would help to give the truck a throaty sound, but I didn’t realize the PRO comes with a cat back exhaust setup from the factory so no changes needed.